Chemix Solutions

Are your production wells showing signs of SCP in the B, C or D annulus?

Is your SCP getting to the point where something needs to be done?

Are any producing wells shut-in or pending shut-in because of SCP?

Are the Regulatory Bodies (who oversee your licenses) concerned by your SCP levels?

CHEMIX CASEGUARD™ could be the solution.

CHEMIX UK Head Office
T +44 1263 733 689


Normal  Producing  Well = No SCP 

  • Well producing

  • All casing annulus pressure gauges at ‘0’

SCP in B Annulus

  • Well producing

  • Abnormal pressure in B annulus due to influx of gas/fluids

Treatment completed

  • Well producing

  • Hydrostatic head of CHEMIX CASEGUARD™ in equilibrium with gas/fluid influx

  • Normal pressure returned to top of B annulus

  • CHEMIX CASEGUARD™ treatment unit removed